First Entry!!

Yeah~well there are 3 Month gone now, since I am in japan and so I thought about writing a new weblog... well my old one does still exist and I will write there sometimes but there are a lot of people reading it,which i don't want to read it anymore~

so I want to write here now !

TOday the family ofmy hostfather came to our house!! i baked about three cakes!! Bienenstich and Lebkuchen!

With the children I made a Lebkuchenhaus! (picture later x3)

that was really so much fun! I enjoyed it a lot! In fact i think today was one of the best days ever!

BUT I ate too much sweets! well from tomorrow it's not allowed anymore!

I will make a plan and give it to my mother so she knows what I can eat and what not !

well~ sadly this guy didn't write me today.. i was really hoping.. but i won't write too until monday... let's see~

maybe he'll write

well now iwill go to bed anyway! I am so tired, you guys can't believe! soooo see you later guys!

29.11.08 14:04

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